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Atlas hongfire

Atlas hongfire

Name: Atlas hongfire

File size: 174mb

Language: English

Rating: 10/10



15 Apr i was trying to get my hgames translated with agth. In treads it alwas say you need ATLAS but there is no link or something like that where i can. Im wondering if there is a way to use atlas, to translate txt files without having to open the text files and manually copy text. If not, is there. 21 Nov By default Atlas comes with a number of annoying 'features' and problems that make it using it in combination with eroge rather tiresome.

26 Oct REMEMBER: If you want to use ATLAS V14, you need to install the Trial version of ATLAS V14 and immediately to apply the CRACK BEFORE. 26 Jan Begin today, I will use this thread to post my updated of my ATLAS dictionary. I will use this thread to ask for translation help in some words that. Hello everyone. First of all i'm sorry for my English. I'm trying to translate the file with game data, game written in java, so basicly all.

3 Jul I've installed Atlas v14 in the past once, but then uninstalled it later for some reason I can't think of just now. The thing is, when I try to install it. 16 Jan I'd like to have a thread where users post their ATLAS user dictionaries. This thread can eventually become a community resource, greatly. 19 Apr So i had to reformat and re-install everything, but Chiitrans2 wont use Atlas anymore for some reason. i installed it the same way as before but. 29 Nov I'm trying to install atlas but the torrent has NO seeds and I want the translator aggretaror to translate the text in the game >_> But atlas is still. 23 Aug So i searched a little on google and i found that program can translate game for you(AGTH and ATLAS).So i downloaded an japanese game.

18 Oct I got Atlas awhile back and just started using it recently. I noticed there are Translation Environment presets already loaded in the program. It didnt help at all so now i try to install Atlas again so i can use it with ITH and translate the Text directly But i cant install it i always get the. 14 Aug Thats weird i had a thread here but its gone now. Atlas wont display AGTH is capturing the text properly, but when the text shows up in Atlas to. You should check FHC's guide to agth and atlas for the download link. http:// kreativekaring.com kreativekaring.com