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Ppt on ozone layer

Ppt on ozone layer

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6 Apr The ozone layer refers to a region of Earth's stratosphere that absorbs most of the Sun's UV radiation. It contains high concentrations of. 20 Sep Presentation on ozone depletion. 1. WHAT IS OZONE? 1. O3 2. A gas composed of three atoms of oxygen 3. Bluish gas that is harmful to. EGEE – Energy Conservation. And Environmental Protection. Ozone and Environment. 2. Stratospheric Ozone. Layer Destruction. EGEE - Pisupati. 3.

Ozone and the Ozone Hole. Heather Raven & Stefanie Spayd. Background. Magnitude of polar O3 loss depends on chlorine activation which is controlled by . Catalytic Destruction of the Ozone Layer. General mechanism; Sources of catalysts, including CFCs; CFC-induced ozone destruction; Relative contributions of. THE OZONE LAYER. What is it? Where is it? Why is it important to life on Earth? How are we as humans affecting it? What is the ozone layer? The ozone layer is .

OZONE DEPLETION IN THE STRATOSPHERE. see pp in Class Notes. “[ The Ozone Treaty is ] the first truly global treaty that offers protection to every. Ozone Depletion. Stratospheric ozone and its importance. J(Hans) van Leeuwen. – The hole story. Solar Spectrum. The Ultraviolet Spectrum. UV light: to. 31 Mar Mean Ozone Hole Size. 0. Area (millions of square kilometers. 27 Sep - 1 min - Uploaded by Universal sharer Miheer Hey guys the OZONE day is celebrated on 16th kreativekaring.com ozone layer is made up of O3. 5 Mar Contents: what is ozone layer Causes of depletion. effects of depletion. control measures conclusion. Vivert() Priyanka n jeevan (

The global Ozone layer recovery has been linked mainly to decreasing Chlorine and Bromine loading, but other factors such as the role of Green house gases. The Ozone Hole(s). Discovery: Antarctic Ozone Hole. Satellites have been monitoring the total. amount of ozone (mostly in the stratosphere). since the late. Ozone Layer and Extinction of Species. Contents. Ozone layer depletion; Extinction of species and loss of biodiversity. Ozone Layer Depletion. Source of ozone. Group T: Transportation-Related LCA Overview Modules. Group τ: Transportation -Related LCA Detailed Modules. 2. Ozone Depletion Potential. Module β3. 3.

What is the threat from ozone depletion? Good versus bad ozone. What causes ozone depletion? What happens to ozone levels over Earth's poles? Why should . Depletion of the Ozone layer vs Climate Change. These two issues can become very confused in some people's minds. Depletion of ozone layer (ozone hole). Climate Change, Ozone Loss and Air Pollution. Chapter Key Concepts. Components of Earth's atmosphere; Changes in Earth's climate over time; Possible. 16 Oct The ozone layer is essential to organisms because it protects them from A major issue for our planet is the depletion of the ozone layer.