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Guide star catalog

Guide star catalog

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5 Apr The Guide Star Catalog I (GSC I) is an all-sky optical catalog of positions and magnitudes of approximately 19 million stars and other objects in. The Guide Star Catalog has been constructed to support the operational need of the Hubble Space Telescope. It contains over 25 million positions for about The Guide Star Catalog (GSC), also known as the Hubble Space Telescope, Guide Catalog (HSTGC), is a star catalog compiled to support the Hubble Space   History - Version - Version - Guide Star Catalog II.

The original version of this catalogue was created to support the identification and use of Guide Stars for the pointing of the HST. It is based on the Palomar. This is the Guide Star Catalogue I (GSC-I) view of the Rosette Nebula. Credit: NASA/ESA, the DSS-II and GSC-II Consortia (with images from the 'Palomar. The new improved guide star catalogue II. It's a very big universe out there, and an astronomer's work is never done when it comes to simply counting and.

24 Feb The ESO Online GSC2 Service provides access to the GSC-II catalog version Magnitude cutoffs were applied (F=, J=, V=). 16 Jul Like its predecessor (GSC-I), the GSC-II was primarily created to provide guide star information and observation planning support for HST. 28 Aug Overview. The Guide Star Catalog (GSC), which has been constructed to support the operational need of the Hubble Space Telescope. C2A is able to read the original Guide Star catalogue (version ) both in its original format and in a compiled format for C2A. It can also read the and ACT . The Guide Star Catalog is available for downloading at the DC-3 Dreams GSC If you want to use the USNO A catalog ( Mb), see the support.